Privacy Policy

  1. Notice

    ShowtimesTH collects and stores personal information, including the full name, email address, and source IP address for all users. In some cases, photographic proof of identity and credit card credentials may be required prior to user account activation. Inquiries regarding the collection and use of personal information may be made via email to
  2. Security and Data Integrity

    User information is stored in electronic databases. ShowtimesTH employs industry-standard technical safeguards, including but not necessarily limited to encryption of credit card information, password and/or cryptographic key-based authentication controls on servers which house personal information, browser-based SSL encryption, and other storage system access control mechanisms to protect the integrity of internal databases and prevent unauthorized access. Unless otherwise indicated by amendment to this privacy policy, in which case users shall be notified and given the opportunity to exercise the "opt out" provisions discussed in this policy, personal information is stored only for use according to the purposes for which it was initially collected.
  3. Third Party Disclosure

    ShowtimesTH never transfers any personal information to third parties.
  4. Access

    users have access to account-specific personal information stored about them via ShowtimesTH's web-based interface for account management. users may update their information at any time.
  5. Cookies

    We collect anonymous usage information on visitors to our site through use of Google Analytics. This service may employ third party tracking cookies to gather anonymous browser, operating system, geographic, and web site navigation information. Use of our ShowtimesTH application requires the acceptance of cookies for login session management purposes.
  6. Opt Out Provision

    Users shall have the right to opt out of any use of their personal information which is inconsistent with or beyond the scope of the purposes for which it was initially collected. In the event that, at ShowtimesTH's discretion, service cannot be continued without user acceptance of such modifications to the ways in which personal information is collected and/or used.
  7. Enforcement

    Please direct compliance inquiries to
  8. Changes

    Amendments to this privacy policy may be made at any time and you should check back frequently for any changes. ShowtimesTH will never make changes to this policy that result in less protection of your personal information without sending notice. This policy was last updated on May 16, 2016.